Poetry In Bronze

A Documentry by Terrence Turner

Parviz Tanavoli: Poetry in Bronze

Directed by Terrence Turner | Produced by Timothy Turner & Tandis Tanavoli

About the Film

Parviz Tanavoli is Iran's greatest living sculptor. As a guardian of ancient traditions and innovator of new forms of artistic expression, Tanavoli's contribution to the modern art movement of the Middle East is without equal. He is also the most important internationally recognized modern sculptor to ever call Canada home. "Parviz Tanavoli: Poetry in Bronze" tells the remarkable story of this esteemed artist's fascinating journey of creation that has spanned three continents and more than half a century.

The documentry features exclusive interviews with Tanavoli and leading figures in the international art world. Together they illuminate the emergence and rise of this extraordinary artist who continues creating artistic masterpieces to this day.

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