Sheikh San'an's Adherents
Poet and nightingale
Shirin and the Mountain Carver


Parviz Tanavoli with Heech Lovers


Three Reclining Heeches
Heech and Square
Heech and Hand


Two Lions
Lion in Blue
Purple Lion
Two Lions
Lion I
Lion I
Striped Lion
Lion and Sun
Lion and Sword
Lion and Sun
Lion II
Two Lions
Pink Lion
Two Lions and the Mountain Carvers


Seven Valley of Love - Eshgh
Seven Valley of Love - Talab
Seven Valley of Love - Fana
The Birds and the Cage
Simorgh (Thirty-Birds)
Two Birds
Bird and Cage
Bird and Cage


Hand on Hand
Hand on Heech
Hand of the Poet I

Wonders of the Universe

Author and The Poet Who Turns into Heech
Man and Bird IV
Man and Apparatus
Bench, Vise, and Tools
Man and Birdcage II
Man and Birdcage I
Man and Monument III
Man and Monument II
Man and Monument I
Man and Sculpture III
Man and Sculpture II
Man and Sculpture I
Poet has Fallen
Poet Has Fallen
Poet has Fallen
Poet and the Bird
Poet and the Beloved
Man and Bird III
Man and Bird II
Man and Bird I
Horse and Birdcage
Four headed Pickax
Forest of Shovels
Lovers XI
Lovers IV
Lovers V
Lovers X
Lovers III
Lovers II
Lovers I
Horizontal Heech Lovers
Horizontal Lovers IV
Horizontal Lovers III
Horizontal Lovers II
Heech and Chair
Four Stone Lions
Lion and Man II
Lion and Man I
Lion III
Lion II
Lion I
Boys and Bird
Bird and the Gate
Two Birds and the Cage
Bird and Cage
Green Bird
Fallen Bird
Hand of the Poet III
Hand of the Poet II
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