The Artist Through the Ages


Parviz Tanavoli, sculptor, painter, researcher and collector born in Tehran



Parviz (left) and his brother Jamshid Tanavoli

Tehran, 1940


Graduates from Tehran school of Fine Arts

Tehran, 1955


Tanavoli as an art student

Carrara, 1956-58


Tanavoli with a viewer

Farhang Hall, 1957

Tanavoli at the Studio of Print Making

Carrara, 1957


A selection of works by Iranian artists, among them Tanavoli, represents Iran at the 29th Venice Biennale

Venice, 1958

Darius Chariot wins the first price Tehran biennial, Scrap metal - Private Collection

Italy, 1958

Studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera, Milan under Marino Marini

Milan, 1958


Tanavoli with his classmates

Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, 1959

Tanavoli with a viewer - Magi exhibition

Gallery Re, Milan, 1959

Sculpture exhibition displaying Farhad has Fallen

Reza Abbasi Hall, Tehran, 1959


Exhibition of Iranian Artists

Saderat Bank, 1960

Opening of Tanavoli’s exhibition

Atelier Kaboud, Tehran, 1960

Opening of Tanavoli’s exhibition

Atelier Kaboud, Tehran, 1960

Tanavoli with "Farhad and the Deer"

Tehran, 1960

Tanavoli's Solo Exhibition

Iran Club, London, 1960

Teaches at the College of Decorative Arts

Tehran, 1960

Wins the Royal Prize at the Second Tehran Biennial

Tehran, 1960


Organizes and curates a group exhibition of 14 Iranian artists’ work touring the US, sponsored by the Grey Foundation

Minneapolis, 1961

Parviz Tanavoli

Atelier Kaboud, 1961

Teaches sculpture at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Minneapolis, 1961-63

Founds the Iranian Artists Group with five other painters

Tehran, 1961


Tanavoli with Beloved of King (1962)
Now at Grey Art Gallery NYU Collection

Minneapolis, 1962

Parviz Tanavoli

Minneapolis, 1962

Jacques Lipchitz looking at Tanavoli's Sculpture

Minneapolis, 1962


Tanavoli at a Jack Lipchitz lecture

Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 1963

Tanavoli with Abby Grey in her private gallery
displaying Poet in Love, Bronze, 1961

Minnesota, 1963

Teaches sculpture at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Minneapolis, 1963

Showcases ceramics collections of work

KB Gallery, Minneapolis, 1963

Takes part in the Third Minnesota Art Biennial

Minnesota, 1963


With Beloved of King Copper, 140cm high, 1964

Gallery Seyhoun, Tehran, 1964

Zal-e Zar Studio

Tehran, 1964

Head of the Sculpture Department (Tanavoli) with students

Tehran University, 1964-79


Tehran University Studio

Tehran, 1965

Kiln built by Tanavoli

Tehran University, 1965

Exhibition of Sculptures and Paintings

Borghese Gallery, Tehran, 1965

Tanavoli at the Borghese Gallery
Background sculpture Lovers

Tehran, 1965

Tanavoli wins first prize for a sculpture presented at a Mother's Day exhibition in Iran

Tehran, 1965


Begins the first of 'Heech' sculpture series

Tehran, 1966

Tanavoli's sculptures are exhibited at the Venice Biennale for the third Time

Tehran, 1966


Reader in Bronze

Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, 1967

Tanavoli in Tehran University studio

Tehran, 1967

With Abby Grey at the opening of Tanavoli's students' show

Tehran University, 1967

Abby Grey with the American sculpture Jack Schnier

Rasht Club, Tehran, 1967

Tanavoli and Abby Grey with Faramarz Pilaram

Pilaram's studio, Tehran, 1967

Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 1967

Tanavoli and Abby Grey with Sohrab Sepehri

Sepehri's studio, Tehran, 1967

Founds Group 5 with Sohrab Sepehri, Abolghassem Saidi, Bahman Mohasses and Hossein Zenderoudi

Tehran, 1967


Life size bronze sculptures by Tanavoli

Shafagh Park, 1968

Seihoun Gallery exhibits a selection of Tanavoli's ceramic sculptures

Tehran, 1968


Parviz Tanavoli

Tehran, 1970

Tanavoli with his wife Manijeh

Tehran, 1970


Tanavoli executes a 4 metre Heech in stainless steel

Hamline University, Minnesota, 1971


Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 1972

Installs the first modern public bronze sculpture

City Theatre, Tehran, 1972


Wins Tehran University's prize for "Heech" best artwork of the year

Tehran, 1973

Founds the Tehran Rug Society

Tehran, 1973


Nightingales by Tanavoli Print Exhibition

Litho gallery, Tehran, 1974


Installs Monument for my Mother in Bronze

City Center, Isfahan, 1975


Installs Sanctified in Bronze

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 1976

Tanavoli with his daughter Tandis

Niavaran studio, Tehran, 1976

Installs an outdoor metal sculpture in Dakar -
Poet and President Sedar Sengor

Dakar, Senegal, 1976

Passerby(1976) life-size Bronze
Formerly located at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran, 1976


A selection of Tanavoli's works exhibits at the Grey Art Gallery

New York University, 1977

Passerby - Life-size bronze sculpture by Tanavoli

Niavaran Cultural Centre, Tehran, 1977

Reader - Life-size bronze sculpture by Tanavoli

Niavaran Cultural Centre, Tehran, 1977


Tanavoli's solo exhibition at Neue Gallery

Sammlung Ludwig, Aachen, 1978

Tanavoli with family

Tehran, 1978


Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 1979


Tanavoli with his wife Manijeh

Tehran, 1980


Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 1981


Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 1982


Bardia and Bronze Heech

Tehran, 1984


Lives and works in Vancouver

West Vancouver, 1989


Tanavoli with Qashqa'i family

Inside a Qashqa'i tent, 1995

Tanavoli photographing a Qashqa'i girl

Mehrgerd, 1995


Working in his Isleview Road studio

West Vancouver, 2000

Steel a Mirror of Life in Iran

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 2000


Isleview Road Studio

Vancouver, 2002

Tanavoli's Naqsh-e Jahan Exhibition

Isfahan, 2002

Chairman for Third Tehran Sculpture Biennial

Tehran, 2002


Museum of Parviz Tanavoli

Tehran, 2003

Manijeh with Abbas Kiarostami at Parviz Tanavoli's Retrospective opening

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003

Installing Heech Lovers

Hashtgerd New City, Tehran, 2003


Tanavoli at Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2006


Tanavoli and Poet turning into heech

Foundry, Langley, BC, 2007


Tanavoli's Workshop

Vancouver - 2008

Jewlery Exhibition

London, 2008


Tanavoli at Bronze Foundry

Langley, BC, 2010

Tanavoli's Jewlery Show

Tehran, 2010

Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2010


Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2011


Art Tomorrow profiles Parviz Tanavoli

Tehran, 2012

Teaching at Mahe Mehr Institute

Tehran, 2012

Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2012

Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2012


Tanavoli works on a sculpture at his studio in West Vancouver

Globe and Mail, Vancouver, 2013

Oh Persepolis II at Safar/Voyage Exhibition

Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, 2013

Parviz Tanavoli in his studio

Montecristo Magazine, West Vancouver, 2013

Tanavoli's House

West Vancouver, 2013

Iran Modern Exhibition

Asia Society, New York, 2013

Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2013


Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2014

Tanavoli with Arnaldo Pomodoro

Milan, 2014

Parviz Tanavoli's 'Heech' project turns 50

Harper's Bazaar, 2014


The World goes Pop
The Poet and the Beloved of King (1965)

Tate Modern, London, 2015

Tanavoli with his wife Manijeh

Tate Modern, London, 2015

Tanavoli's solo Exhibition

Davis Museum, Boston, 2015

Tanavoli in his studio in West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay

Wallpaper Magazine, 2015

Tanavoli's Studio

West Vancouver, 2015


Niavaran Studio

Tehran, 2016

Parviz Tanavoli
Celebrities of Universe

Shahrivar Gallery, Tehran, 2016

Parviz Tanavoli and 50 Years of Pop Art Exhibition

Shahrivar Gallery, Tehran, 2016

Tanavoli at Aga Khan Museum

Toronto, 2016

"Poetry in Bronze" Panel discussion

Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, 2016

“European Women in Persian Houses” Book Launch

Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, 2016

"Things & Nothings" Book launch

Tehran, 2016

Heech cufflinks in collaboration with Stefano Ricci

Vancouver, 2016


Lion Exhibition, 2017

Tehran, 2017

Parviz Tanavoli and the Lions of Iran Exhibition

Tehran, 2017

Parviz Tanavoli with the Lion King (2016)

Tehran, 2017

Parviz Tanavoli and the Lions of Iran Exhibition

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017


Parviz Tanavoli - 40 Years, 40 Disciples

Book Garden, Tehran, 2018